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Roll Pass Design

Click on the links to see the Metal Pass Consulting details in each area of the roll pass design and development, and related technical discussion.

Metal Pass established its initial business area as a developer of roll pass design program. Metal Pass' roll pass design and roll pass consulting fully utilizes its expertise
on rolling process models such as those to predict spread, forward slip, tension correction on the spread and forward slip, and so on. See model list - empirical models. We apply our rolling process models and use our advanced roll pass design programs to analyze and improve your existing roll pass schedules, or to design new schedules for you. We also improve your roll pass design software. We would integrate our accurate rolling process models to your roll pass design software, and add some advanced features such as learning, and the ability to study the existing pass schedules for which the tension correction for the spread, forward slip, etc. is critical. We have a list of experts with 20-30 years of related experiences. For example, some with experience as senior roll pass design engineer in a world's top mill engineering company, and some even served as vice president of operation of a world's top mill supplier.

See our recent paper on roll pass related application: Development of Model-Intensive Web-based Rolling Mill Applications (presented in AISTech 2009).

Metal Pass has dozens of research reports and some software applications available at no charge for the Metal Pass Consulting clients.

Please contact us via email bli68@qq.com or by phone (0086) 13400064848 for top quality consulting services.


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