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Metal Consultant

For years, Metal Pass has provided consulting services on Level 2 model development or improvement, steel mill software application development, roll pass design and other steel mill related development.

Do I Need Help? - The Level 2 Model Issues

Check whether your Level 2 system has involved any of the following issues, and whether you are a bit confusing on the Level 2 Model Basics. If any of the answers is Yes, you may need help. We may spend only half an hour for you, by running our remote diagnosis tool against your data and tell you the problem(s). Most likely you can fix it yourself; if you want us to do it, we will guarantee our work's quality and your satisfaction.

  • Level 2 Model Basics
  • Metallurgical Issues in Level 2
  • Modeling Issues in Level 2
  • Software Engineering Issues in Level 2
  • Next-Generation Level 2 System

If you have interest in handling such issues, you may request some technical papers we published in the industry conferences with our work examples. Send us an email and indicating who you are.

Metal Pass Recent Publications

Technical papers published by Metal Pass.

Metal Pass Work List - Mill Related Projects (Also in MS-Word Format)

     1.  Level 2 Development (17 projects)
     2.  Level 2 Support (5 projects)
     3.  Mechanical properties improvement (4 projects)
     4.  Mill Application Development (14 projects)
     5.  Productivity Improvement (4 projects)
     6.  Rolling and Roll Pass Development (9 projects)
     7.  Rolling Process Modeling - Numerical (9 projects)
     8.  Rolling Process Modeling - Empirical (28 projects)
     9.  Shape and yield improvement (4 projects)
    10. Web and Web Resource (14 projects)

Metal Pass Work Area

Level 2 model improvement

  • Rolling mill Level 2 force model improvement. Many Level 2 force model use simple formula and thus only reach limited accuracy. Some system, such as Tippins Level 2, are even with design error in adaptive learning. A summary of the work for a client: Improvement on Level 2 Model Force Prediction is available as example. A 10-page stage report for a company ("Company A") with a reversing/steckle mill to roll plates and coils is also available. See stage 1 report   www.Meta4-0.com/consulting/FceModelRpt.doc and the report for stage 2 www.Meta4-0.com/consulting/FceModelRpt2.doc. 
  • Rolling mill Level 2 temperature model improvement. We provide accurate model for heat transfer coefficients for every heat transfer stage. For example, the heat transfer during rolling in the roll gap depends on roll and stock materials, roll RPM, pressure, descaling procedure and roll cooling, etc. The heat transfer coefficients in the inter-pass or during traveling on the run-out table depends on relative speed between stock and air, etc. We also integrate those models into your temperature learning procedure.
  • Controlled cooling Level 2 system for water cooling. After evaluation of nearly 10 site testing reports we have developed accurate model on heat transfer coefficients during controlled water cooling. The model can greatly increase prediction accuracy for the controlled cooling system. We also have developed a finite differential method (FDM) model which has great advantage over the traditional slab element method.

Model-based mill application development

  • Metal pass has developed a long list of steel mill process model based applications. A summary of the applications is available: www.Meta4-0.com/consulting/metalpass.doc.
  • We develop model-based mill applications for flat rolling and shape rolling, either hot or cold forming. We also develop programs for controlled water cooling, reheating, EAF/LMF steelmaking, and Casting, etc.
  • We are developing a program package to predict rolled product properties. Process models and system learning will be combined. For example, the grain size at the entrance of the controlled water cooling in the run-out table can be used as learning parameter. A proposal for the package development is available: Prediction of Rolled Steel Properties.
  • We are also looking for industrial partner(s) to develop Enterprise Roll Pass Software. See Proposal Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and  Part 4.
  • Microstructure prediction during steel rolling and cooling

Mill automation system development

  • Strip, plate and coil shape control system development. One Preliminary Proposal for Camber Problem Solution is showed as example.
  • Level 2 Supervisory System: Design, development, implementation, etc., Level 2 system for EAF, LMF, Caster, Rolling Mill, Baghouse, and so on. A short introduction of the Level 2 projects completed is available.
  • Level 3 Automation: Design, development, implementation, etc. Both Oracle and SQL Server as back end.
  • Plant-wide Application Development: data communication, data management, production management, roll management, etc.

Mill Process model development

  • Rolling Mill, Metal flow: Spread prediction (critical for roll pass design), Forward slip, Roll work diameter, Roll effective diameter, stock speed, etc.
  • Rolling Mill, Load and power requirements: Flow stress, Roll separating force, Torque, Power, etc.
  • Rolling Mill, Microstructure: Dynamic and static recrystallization, Grain size, Grain growth, etc.
  • EAF/LMF Steel making: Temperature prediction, Alloy addition, etc.
  • See the list of available process models for steel mill.

Roll Pass Design

  • Wire rod rolling, bar rolling, etc. Possess one of the best process models for roll design in this field.
  • Section rolling: Angle, I-beam, U-section, etc. With research experience, have a book and other publications in this field.

Numerical Analysis

  • Finite element analysis for rolling processes (Section rolling, flat rolling, rolling with liquid core, etc.). See topic summary of a Ph.D. project.
  • Finite element analysis for rolling other metal forming processes (forging, extrusion, drawing, sheet forming, etc.).
  • Finite differential method for temperature prediction. See web-based FDM program.

See consultant profiles for Dr. Benjamin Li and Dr. John Nauman. Please contact us via email bli68@qq.com or by phone (0086) 13400064848 for top quality consulting services.


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