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Software Related Resources

Metal Casting

1 Calcom SA Casting Software
2 EKK Metalcasting Simulation Software and Services
3 ESI Group: PAM-CAST/SIMULOR Software
4 MAGMASOFT: Casting Process Simulation Software
5 Rockfield Software Ltd - Products and Services
6 UES Software Inc.:
7 ProCast Casting Simulation Software
8 Chameleon Application Software, Inc.:
9 HeatWare Heat Treating Software
10 Software for Heat Treating and Metal Finishing

Hot Rolling, Pipe and Tube Producing

1 FreeForm Series, Web-Based Roll Pass Design Programs for Wire Rod Roll Pass
2 AutoForm Series, Web-Based Roll Pass Design Programs for Wire Rod Roll Pass
3 Mill Load Series, Web-Based Programs for Mill Load and Power Calculation
4 Roll Pass Design Software for Wire Rod Blocks
5 Online FDM Software for Temperature in Rod Rolling and Controlled Cooling
6 Software Solutions to Shop Floor Problems in Wire Rod Blocks
7 A.I. Systems: SteelPlanner Scheduling Software
8 Annibale Izzo: LINEBOW Roll Pass Design Software
9 DataM: COPRA Software

Metal Forming and Forging

1 Addison Machine Engineering, Inc.
2 AIDA-Dayton Technologies Corp.
3 Altair Engineering, Inc.: Hyperform Software
4 American GFM Corporation
5 AMS Controls, Inc.
6 Anderson Tool & Engineering, Inc.
7 Arletti Ltd.
8 ASC Machine Tools, Inc.
9 Baran Southwest Inc.
10 B.B. Price Ltd.
11 Cebos Ltd.: MQ1 Software
12 C.S.M. Machinery Group
13 data M Software and Engineering, Germany:
14 COPRA - Software for Rollforming and Sheet Metal Bending
15 Delta Engineering Inc.
16 Dimeco Group
17 Dreistern Werk Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.
18 Dynaform Industries Pte. Ltd
19 Dynamic Software: OPTRIS Virtual Press
20 Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA)
21 Enprotech Mechanical Services, Inc.
22 Erie Press Systems
23 Engineering Systems International (ESI)
25 PAM-FORM Software
26 Fagor Arrasate
27 FEM Engineering
28 Forge Technology Inc.
29 Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI)
30 Fraunhofer Center for Laser Technology
31 Georg GMBH Maschinenfabrik
32 Geva Forging Automation
33 Habbitt, Karlsson, and Sorensen, Inc.:
34 ABAQUS Roll Pass Design Analysis System
35 Hoffman Machinery Corporation
36 Lasco Umformtechnik GmbH
37 Livermore Software Technology Corporation:
38 Metal Forming With LS-DYNA
39 L&F Industries
40 L&M Pattern Manufacturing Co.
41 MachineTools.com
42 Makino Inc.
43 Marc Analysis Corporation:
44 Finite Element Analysis Software for Metal Forming
45 Marshall Machinery Incorporated
46 Metal Forming Analysis Corporation
47 Metalforming Incorporated
48 Metalworking Consultant Group
49 Mill-Tech
50 Mitutoyo America Corporation
51 MJ Allen
52 MSC Software Corporation
53 Neff Press Home Page
54 Nippon Machine Tool
55 NorthStar Equipment Corporation
56 PM SRL: Sheet Metal Working Machines
57 Quantor Ltd.
58 Renite Co. Lubrication Engineers
59 Roll Former Corporation
60 Sakamura Machine Co., Ltd.
61 SAMCO: Specialists in Roll Forming Machinery
62 Sciences & Computers Consultants (S&CC)
63 Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation:
64 Deform - Design Environment for Forming
65 Serconsult Engineering
66 SIMTECH: SIMEX Sheet Metal Forming Simulation
67 SPI: 3D CAD Sheet Metal Design
68 Stam: Sheet Metal Working Machines
69 Striker Systems: Sheet Metal Fabrication Software
70 Superior Die Set Corporation
71 Talbot Associates Inc.
72 TECOS: Group for Sheet Metal Forming
73 Transvalor: Software for Material Forming
74 Tru-Cut Inc. Homepage
75 UBECO - Software for Sheet Metal Forming
76 UES Software Inc: Antares Forming Simulation
77 Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment Corp.
78 Weldon F. Stump & Co.
79 Yoder Manufacturing

Finite Element Method and Analysis

1 Structural Analysis Software
2 Algor Engineering Design and Analysis Software
3 ATIR Engineering Software (STRAP Home Page)
4 EKK Metalcasting Simulation Software and Services
5 Faast Software
6 Industrial Software: Solidification & Heat Treatment Simulation 
7 Infolytica Corporation: Electromagnetic Simulation Software
8 Integrated Engineering Software
9 JAHM Software
10 Rockfield Software, Ltd.
11 Technalysis: Engineering Software and Services
12 FE Software, Listed Alphabetically

Surface, Materials, Tribology, Electrochemistry and Corrosion

1 CenTOR Software Corporation - Materials Database
1 eXPFit
2 Foster Findlay Associates Ltd
3 Mass Spectroscopy Software
4 Simion 3-D
5 SIMS Data Analysis
6 Simulation Kit for Atomic Collisions in Solids
7 SLIMS-MS 1.0
8 Surface Explorer
9 UU Surface Science Division Software
10 Cutting Fluid Evaluation Software Testbed
11 Elsyca: Simulation Software for Electrochemistry
12 Polar for Windows: Electrochemical Simulation Software


1 C-spec: Welding & ASME Software

Automotive Engineering

1 ESI Group: Design Software
2 R*KOM Automotive Software


1 Bridge Engineering Software & Technology (BEST) Center
2 data M Software and Engineering, Germany:
3 COPRA - Software for Rollforming and Sheet Metal Bending
4 SCIA: Leading Technical Software for the Building Industry
5 Softek: Advanced 2D and 3D Civil Structural Software
6 SteelTrack Fabrication Management Software

Predictive Maintenance

1 Advanced Maintenance Solutions:
2 COGZ Maintenance Management Software
3 Bender Engineering, Inc.:
4 MaintStar Computerized Maintenance Management Software
5 Computer Resources
6 Datastream Systems, Inc.
7 DP Solutions
8 IDAX: ICAS (Integrated Condition Assessment System)
9 InfraVue Thermographic Analysis Software
10 JB Systems, Inc.:
11 MAINSAVER Computer Maintenance Management Software
12 KeepTraK Corporation: Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
13 Meridium: Enterprise Reliability Management System (ERMS)
14 Practical Systems and Technologies, Inc.: Dynaview
15 PREDICT - Integrated Predictive Maintenance Solutions
16 PROACT Software: Root Cause Failure Analysis
17 Projetech.Com: MAXIMO
18 Qualtech Systems Inc.: TEAMS
19 Rotating Machinery Analysis, Inc.: XL Rotor
20 Rotor Bearing Technology and Software: ARMD
21 Siveco Group: COSWIN CMMS
22 Sofwave: MAINCOR - Computerized Maintenance Management System
23 SOMAX: Information Management System
24 Total Plant Control
25 MechEng Software Archive


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