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Blast Furnace - Development Tendency

 Direct reduction

 EAF Development Status and Tendency

 Technological Innovation in Steel Industry

 UK Iron and Steel Statistics Bureau Publication

 Expert System for Blast Furnace Operation

 Fast Commissioning of Modernized Loopers Supported by a “Hardware in the Loop” Test

 Mittal Steel USA - Sparrows Point: A Dedicated Producer of Quality, Flat Rolled Steels

 Productivity Improvement at Stelco Hamilton With Limited Hot Metal

 EAF Development Status and Tendency

 Smelting reductions

 Blast Furnace - Development Tendency

 Basic Oxygen Furnace Steelmaking and its Tendency

 The Engineering Business for iron and steelmaking in the Early Decades of this Century

 Introduction to US Iron & Steel Roadmap

 Development of a Low Density Castable for Steel Ladle

 Design and Realization of the Iron Melt Transport Simulation System

 World Direct Reduction Statistics (pdf)


DesignCAD 3D MAX - Draw in 3D

 General Steels
 Metallurgy Treating
 Steelmaking Automation
 Casting Steel App
 Forming Energy
 Plant Tech Ind. Review
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DesignCAD 3D MAX - Draw in 3D

DesignCAD Express v14 - Draw your own conclusions

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    Metal Domains


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